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"Jewish cyberspace links Torah talk from S.F. to N.Y. and Beyond . . ." describes the early days of the Torah on the Information Superhighway ( web site and the growth of it's online courses, ask the Rabbi and parsha mailing lists.

"Jewish journey takes teen boy from Mendocino to cyberspace" explores the use of the Internet to encourage students to study Torah and to connect with Torah experts all over the world using E-mail and the world wide web.
by NOMA FAINGOLD, Northern California Jewish Bulletin.


The Jewish Appleseed Foundation is a liberal Jewish resource with an Ask the Rabbi page. Click in and send your questions.

Jewish Community Online (Keyword JEWISH on America Online) has an Ask the Rabbi site with an archive of more than 1,400 answers to frequently asked questions about Jewish life.

ASK THE MAVEN allows you to ask questions and browse through the questions and answers on any Jewish related topic. Subjects include: Conservative Judaism, Festivals & Holidays, General Judaism, Holocaust, Israel Travel, Jewish Life Cycle, Jewish Singles & Dating, Jewish Travel, Kosher / Kashrut, Orthodox Judaism, Reform Judaism, Women & Feminism. You can .

Got a question for Reb on the Web? Visit their online archives to read the answers.

The Jewish National and University Library's unparalleled collection of ketubbot is one of the largest in the world (over 1200 items), containing ketubbot from dozens of different countries, and covering a time period of over 900 years. This collection is a major resource for research in Jewish history, law and art. This collection is now freely available worldwide as part of the library's Ketubbot Digitization Project.

Also online at the Jewish National and University Library are collections of Early Hebrew Newspapers, Talmud materials and a growing list of other valuable Hebrew text resources.
Silk Heart Custom Tallit and Kippot


ACADEMY OF THE HEBREW LANGUAGE at Hebrew University in Israel. the Academy for the Hebrew Language prescribes standards for modern Hebrew grammar, orthography, transliteration, and punctuation based upon the study of Hebrew's historical development. Check out their Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language Project. Also available in Hebrew.

"Lazer's Talmud Torah Center for Basic Jewish Education" is an introduction to basic Jewish concepts. The site includes short biographies of "Great Jewish Leaders," an overview of the Jewish calendar, and an online chat feature.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life is a wonderful resource for exploring Jewish connections to the natural world. The site includes scholarly articles, text studies, even a Tu B'Shvat Haggadah available for download. Learn about Jewish perspectives on the environment!

The Conversion to Judaism site offers resources "for all those interested in the subject." This informative site is maintained by Lawrence J. Epstein, Ph.D. wh o is author of several books on the subject including "Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook" (Jason Aronson Inc., 1994).

The EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies is a faculty-library initiative at Yale Divinity School that provides digital resources for teaching and research in the field of Biblical studies.

The Jewish Bible Association publishes the Jewish Bible Quarterly.

Letters of Ahad Ha'am has thousands of letters written in Hebrew by this famous, early Zionist. These letters may be accessed using a Hebrew language searchable database. is the online website for Sh'ma which has served as a gathering place for independent voices eager to be heard across the Jewish religious, social and political landscape since 1970. Visit their weekly Torah commentary.



The Divrei Torah -- Commentaries site at SHAMASH publishes the commentaries for the weekly Torah portions and provides links to other sources of Torah commentary from Chabad, Virtual Jerusalem, Project Genesis, and other sites on the Internet.

A new regular feature at the Jewish Heritage Online Magazine is the Weekly English translation of the Torah portion from "THE FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES" (Schocken,1995), presented by Everett Fox.

A Growing Haggadah by Rabbi Mark Hurvitz offers a wide variety of texts and hypertexts.

The Hypertext Halacha is a translation of the Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berurah from Project Genesis.

Learn the Hebrew alphabet by visiting the Interactive Hebrew Alephbet which is published online by the National Jewish Outreach Project.

Maqom "A Place for the Spiritually Searching, A School for Adult Talmud Study" is an online study site featuring regular postings of commentary on pages of Talmud led by Rabbi Judy Abrams.

Mechon Mamre is an online Torah published in English and Hebrew (through web browser fonts). The site includes commentaries and a concise "Torah 101" section with basics of Jewish thought and beliefs.

Navigating the Bible is a major new ORTNet project that presents the Tanach in encylopedia form. Hear the chanting of the entire Torah through Real Audio at this site which incudes the complete Hebrew in both Study Scroll and Temple Scroll graphics. The site also includes the English translation, commentary, and even a Torah and Haftarah trope tutorial.

A Page of Talmud. Here a clickable image map of typical Talmud page links you to a description of that element of the Talmud page. The description will tell you when and where the text was composed, its contents and purposes, and other information.

The Red Sea Haggadah is available in its complete form. Readers may comment or add their own anecdotes, or other midrash to the text.

The Serve-a-Verse web site published by Lev Software allows the user to search a database to locate a particular Biblical verse and read the Hebrew, transliteration and English translation all together on one page.

Tanach Directory at SHAMASH contains the Tanach and commentaries which may be downloaded only for use with DOS-based computer systems.

Tanach Online is in Hebrew via SNUNIT and provides the Tanach for downloading.

The web site is dedicated to encouraging Jews to start thinking Jewish. The site presents audio lectures and classes offered by modern Jewish thinkers.

Topics in Mystical Jewish Thought and Kabbalah in Modern Life are just a few of the resources brought to you by the the "Gateway to the Wisdom of Kabbalah and Chassidut."

The Virtual Beit Midrash is an online text study center including SALT (Surf a little Torah) which gives you a "dash" of Torah every day.





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