The Lakritz Family Scholarship
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Si & Mimi Lakritz

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Scholarship Fundraiser 2009
Congressman Jim Costa and Superintendant Paul Terry at the Lakritz Family Scholarship Fundraiser 2009
Photo courtesy of Bob Marcotte Photography

It is a privilege to award the Lakritz Family Scholarship in honor of Si & Mimi Lakritz.

Our parents did so much for their community and with your help we can continue that good legacy. By providing much needed funds for young people to explore the areas of community and public service, the arts, and education we can help build the next generation of community leaders. Through this work we can help make their home town (and your home town) a better place.

Special thanks to Congressman Jim Costa and Superintendent Paul Terry, of the Hanford Elementary School District for joining us and making the 2009 Lakritz Family Scholarship fundraiser a fun, interesting, and successful event.

We would like to thank the members of the Kings County Democratic Central Committee especially Cathy Jorgensen, Carole Farris, Walter Johnson and Mark Trezza for their efforts to create this scholarship fund and continue the good work our parents did for the community. We would also like to thank the Hanford Joint Union High School District for their assistance in creating and managing the Si & Mimi Lakritz Scholarship Fund.

Thank you for your support!

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