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Guide to Selected Jewish Online Resources

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(An educational website for Middle School students and teachers)

The educators at the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora at Bar-Ilan University respond to questions on educational issues, or the practice of education. In response to a question, they will perform database searches and point to resources on the Internet or in libraries that may be of interest to Jewish educators. You may browse their online lesson plans for Jewish education.

The Jewish Heritage Video Collection houses more than 200 videos on Jewish history, life and culture. The JHVC materials include a series of courses to compliment the presentation of videos in an educational setting.

American Jewish History 350 Years In 2004 American Jews celebrated 350 years of American Jewish History, this website offers historical speeches, timeline, and other online resources for Jewish educators. Click into connections for how to preserve your own Jewish family and local community history as well. You'll also find educational resources and a selected bibliography on American Jewish History.

Check out the Heritage: Civilization and the Jews DVD-ROM Mini-Lessons!

The Serve-a-Verse web site published by Lev Software allows the user to search a database to locate a particular Biblical verse and read the Hebrew, transliteration and English translation all together on one page.


Jewish Bibliographies

Jewish Text and Torah (our most requested page)

Life of Yitzhak Rabin (1922-1995) - Educational Resources


The Jewish Encyclopedia was first published from 1901 - 1906. This online version contains the entire text of these books in both image and text format and includes more than 15,000 articles and illustrations. which includes a "Video Links" section and an archive of information on Jewish films and Jewish Film Festivals.

The Jewish National and University Library's unparalleled collection of ketubbot is one of the largest in the world (over 1200 items), containing ketubbot from dozens of different countries, and covering a time period of over 900 years. This collection is a major resource for research in Jewish history, law and art. This collection is now freely available worldwide as part of the library's Ketubbot Digitization Project.

Torah Aura Productions offer s a free weekly Torah Aura Bulletin Board E-mail newsletter for Jewish educators. Click into the discussion by visiting the online subscription form for the TAPBBS.





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Guide to Selected Jewish Online Resources