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Life of Yitzhak Rabin

Updated 12-29-07


As time passes, the terrible tragedy of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin remains as a loss to Israel, the Jewish people, and the entire world. Now we are faced with the task of communicating about these events to our children.

As we do our best to offer a curricular response it is important to remember that there are a wealth of resources to help teachers and parents determine the relative topics and appropriate avenues for discussion.

For an overview of Rabin's life and to read some of his most important speeches visit the Isreal Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.


Arafat cries after learning Rabin is dead
by MATTHEW DORF, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Assassination aftermath: Only uncertainties remain
by DAVID LANDAU, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

A nation in mourning bids farewell to veteran leader
by MICHELE CHABIN, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Rabin's assassination a springboard for Bay Area Jewish learning
by LESLEY PEARL, Northern California Jewish Bulletin

Rabin laid to rest as world eulogizes his leadership
by NAOMI SEGAL, Jewish Telegraphic Agency


Curriculum Materials

The Pedagogic Center of the Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education has developed a complete package of texts, history of Rabin's life, excerpts of speeches, and discussion and activity ideas. Click here to view the Pedagogic Center Materials.

Here is a short sample of texts, classroom activities, and history of Yitzhak Rabin published by the Pedagogic Center shortly after the assassination.


The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland produced the following IMMEDIATE RESPONSE CURRICULUM for schools. The material includes quotes from important Jewish texts. We are pleased to be able to share it with you.


Click here to find selected primary REFERENCE DOCUMENTS about the Israel and the Israel-Palestinian Peace Process from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Here is a Global Classroom Project called:

The Song of Peace
Sung by the Children


NEWS and INFORMATION (resources)


ARTIFICIA news in Israel presents a Rabin Memorial page complete with several hours of Hebrew and English radio broadcasts from the days immediately following the assassination and the "Last Song of Rabin -- The Song of Peace" he heard the night he died.

The CNN world news coverage of the assassination includes articles, videos, and additional links.

Ha'aretz now has an online version of it's daily news in Hebrew or English.

The Jerusalem Post is an excellent source for daily news stories from Israel, including the complexities of building a government in the wake of Rabin's death.

The Northern California Jewish Bulletin is online weekly with it's entire paper. User their online search engine to locate articles about Rabin.

USA Today offers an index to several dozen news stories related to Rabin, including the full transcripts of speeches and eulogies.







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